I am going through different phases here. Been trying to figure things out I try to keep track of what I think in this notebook.

Phase 1. Mental diaries.

I was learning to be honest with my inner dialogues, so I decided to conclude the thoughts that troubled me. And face them. Those ideas are very rough so I call this my Steno Notes. Those were rather personal I gave them a password. If you wish to read them, the password is of a drag queen, and of Roman fever.

Phase 2. Now.

Instead of writing and talking, I have decided that I should be reading and learning more. I still think— I don’t think it’s possible for me to stop. All the same, I’m trying to write my honest narratives here. Let’s just see what I have in my mind these days, then we define this phase and give it a title. The password to my Phase 2 posts is my surname.

By the way, I own none of these goddamn pictures I use here. Removal or credits upon requests.